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Obligatory End-Of-2016 Post

2016-12-31 14:47:54 by madmadness65

I've been working on a Pokémon fangame. Check it out.

Come motivate me to upload some shit.

Here we go again...

2015-12-31 09:15:39 by madmadness65

Another year, another pointless post on the 31st. But hey, since you're here, why not come check out my YouTube channel?

Just Like Clockwork...

2014-12-31 04:12:18 by madmadness65

...I make a new post another year after my last one. Still not working on much of anything. So have moar madness schitt.


Happy New Years everyone!

2013-12-31 14:30:05 by madmadness65

So it's been exactly one year since my last news post. Why is this so? It's because I've been on here less and less. It has nothing to do with NG, its just that I have moved on. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I don't come back. Anyways, have an image of some madness schitt.2438837_138851811822_madness3-test.jpg

But... I need them too...

2012-12-31 20:15:29 by madmadness65

I'm sorry... I just had to do it...

But... I need them too...

I have been doing an LP of Pokemon Sapphire on my YouTube Channel (here), and I would just like to post it here for that seemingly 1 extra view (I'm not popular on YouTube, go figure :P). But anyways. go check it out. Part 16 is on its way, if you have seem them.

Some Updates

2012-06-08 03:03:42 by madmadness65

Me and a friend started a YouTube series called Everybody Edits Griefing. You can locate us here. I wont be doing any of the actual posting because of my shit computer, but I will be helping Maingi (My friend) with the trolling.

As for other shizz, I got an Xbox360 just recently, so thats not helping me & him doing the videos. My gamertag on that is Madmadness65, if anyone ever reads this stuff...

Pic unrelated.

EDIT (6/28/12): From here on I will be telling what games I'm currently playing.

Everybody Edits - Lets Grief series with Maingi
Pokemon Snakewood


XBOX 360:
Grand Theft Auto IV

PlayStation 2:
Dark Cloud
Simpsons: Hit n Run

Simpsons: Road Rage
Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction

So heres my list. Go figure.

Some Updates


2011-06-12 16:40:31 by madmadness65

Pokemon music 4EVAR!...

..Well, at least until I lose inspiration. :P

Now, as far as Flash goes, I am JUST STARTING a sprite movie, it may contain Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and maybe some other shit. I doubt this will go anywhere, but I still haven't used any tuts yet, so I gotta learn how to sprite-imate (haha). So for now, I will be submitting Pokemon music til I get bored of them.

So this is my progress, whats yours?
PROGRESS:(////////__________) I will post a pic when I get a chance. BTW, the Pokemon part is done. Working on Mario.

EDIT (2011): Pic.

EDIT 4/6/12: To be truthful, I basically gave up this project. It was a strain to do, and its not like anyone was expecting it.
I will be posting music still, Expect some in the near future!


Well, my Flash is up.

2011-04-17 20:42:00 by madmadness65

Well, about my old thing about Lioness Combat, they were all lies. I'm actually a noob at Flash. But, I do have a nice, small set of sprites sheets, though. I am not really asking how to animate (As I will find tutorials all over YouTube :P), but im asking if you guys can help me with the basics at least. Also, if you use the sprites I posted, give credit to the owner of the sprites. ;)
These are the sprites.

Hey, time for a new post?

2011-04-07 21:52:23 by madmadness65

Well, I haven't been as active as I used to be (Mainly because im busy :P), but I was searching Google on April 1st, and, not to my suprise, found a ton of funny pics related to April Fools. I may post some over April. Here's the first one:

Hey, time for a new post?